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Re: R: Reading XML with &Amp; as part of string

   What you describe is the correct and expected behavior for the XPATH
   program.  The purpose of that program was to demonstrate how to keep
   track of the parent elements of each XML tag by putting them in a
   It does not, however, attempt to consolidate the character data between
   the elements into a single string, it doesn't need to because that's
   not what that program was trying to demonstrate. For an example of
   consolidating the character data, see the CHARDATA2 example.
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   source tools.   A discussion of Expat should be held on a
   general-purpose list or forum, such as one of these:
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   On 11/7/2013 2:36 AM, [4]Venter.Derick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

   Hi Scott
   No I am not using the HTTPAPI's XML parser. We installed the LIBEXPAT
   library from your web site and I am using the USERDATA.rpgle as an
   example for my program. (Sorry not the XPATH.rpgle as i mentioned in my
   previous mail)
   It seems like it is reading the text after the &. If i print the
   value to the spoolfile it prints an & and then on the next line the
   rest of the text.
   Here's the code to read the value from the tag:
                 WHEN  d.stack(d.depth) = '/soapenv:Envelope/soapenv:Body'

                 PrintMe =  %TRIM(%char(val));
                 Except Print;
                 DoW %Scan(' & ': %TRIM(%char(val))) > *Zeros;
                   val = %Replace('&' : %TRIM(%char(val))
                   : %Scan(' & ': %TRIM(%char(val))): 7);
                 PrintMe =  %TRIM(%char(val));
                 Except Print;
                 %OCCUR(PROCESSDATA) = d.procCnt;
                 PROCESSDATA.RTEPROCSTEP = %TRIM(%char(val));
   Here's my xml:
   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     <p1:CorticonResponse ccExeStart="1383656944646"
   ccExeStop="1383656944677" decisionServiceName="cascading"
         <p1:Process id="HBCB20130822002338316B20130822002338318"
           <p1:routeProcessStep>Num1 &amp; Num2</p1:routeProcessStep>
           <p1:inProduct href="#B20130628002168289"/>
           <p1:outProduct href="#Product_id_1"/>
       <p1:Messages version="1"/>
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   Date:        2013/11/06 05:09 PM
   Subject:        Re: R: Reading XML with &Amp; as part of string
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   So you are not using HTTPAPI's XML parser?!
   On 11/6/2013 8:12 AM, [14]Venter.Derick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
   >     The replacement of &amp; with & works with plain RPG code using a
   >     string value.
   >     The problem is that the reader of the xml field seems to read
   >     correct but the rest of the string is thrown away.
   >     When I print the value to the spool file, I see the following:
   >     &
   >     the rest of my string.
   >     Seems that the reader is adding a next line character.
   >     I used Scott Klement's XPATH example to read through my XML
   >     and parse it.
   >     Any ideas?
   >     Derick Venter
   >     Applications Developer IV---
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