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Re: WSDl2RPG- getting Error :No Services Found in WSDL

   Although it appears as if the <service> element is optional, the
   Eclipse Web Tools as well as WSDL2JAVA and WSDL2RPG cannot generate a
   stub without having a <service> element. So far only soapUI likes WSDL
   files without a <service> element but of course shows "no endpoint" and
   eventually cannot call the service without an endpoint.
   Therefore there are no plans for changing WSDL2RPG to accept WSDL files
   without a <service> element. In order to generate your stub, you may
   add the <service> element by hand like this:
   <wsdl:service name="DDCTSService">
     <wsdl:port name="DDCTSService" binding="tns:DDCTSServiceSoapBinding">
       <wsdlsoap:address location="[1]http://www.example.org/"; />
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   > Hi Thomas,
   > In my current project it is required to consume web service provided
   > by an external system. While importing the WSDL file using WSDL2RPG
   > I am getting the below highlighted error. Attached the WSDL file for
   > your reference. Request your inputs on the same. This file is pretty
   > standard one published by the external party so it should not be
   > possible thatsome corrections needs to be made in the WSDL file.
   > [[2]cid:image003.jpg@01CEBB9A.FED0D660]
   > Thanks,
   > Gaurav
   > Gaurav Gupta
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