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WSDl2RPG- getting Error :No Services Found in WSDL

   Hi Thomas,

   In my current project it is required to consume web service provided by
   an external system. While importing the WSDL file using WSDL2RPG I am
   getting the below highlighted error. Attached the WSDL file for your
   reference. Request your inputs on the same. This file is pretty
   standard one published by the external party so it should not be
   possible thatsome corrections needs to be made in the WSDL file.




   Gaurav Gupta

   Project Leader, GE(Contractor)

   GE Capital

   Rail Services

   T:  +1 312-853-5536

   D: *750-5536

   C:  +1 847-337-1852

   161 N Clark St.
   Chicago, IL  - 60601, USA


   1. mailto:gaurav.gupta3@xxxxxx

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