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RE: HTTPAPI and Json

I don't read Spanish very well (si senor said like American Speedy Gonzales‎) so I can't make out what they are asking you to do but it is a POST of some kind. I don't think you need a web form but maybe because it looks like the web service is written for an interactive website update. If you use a web-like post then EXAMPLE4 not example2 (which release do you have installed?) is where you want to start. Otherwise, just send the JSON as the post data.

Creating the required JSON looks pretty straight forward. It also looks like the return "codes" will be easy enough to parse but you might look for some help with that using powerEXT or YAJL which has been ported to IBMi (http://www.scottklement.com/yajl/).

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the services probably work as a JSON web service, and yous you can use
for that.

You can either concatinate the request in a field and send it like XML, the
problem is
when you recieve JSON back.

You can combine HTTPAPI and my powerEXT Core service program that has I/O
support for JSON

On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 10:41 PM, Raul A. Jager W. <raul@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I need to comunicate with Bancard for credit card payment, they installed
> a new sistem that uses json as protocol, and the manual requests a "post"
> whit the data in json format instead of the usual webform.
> In the example2, the program builds a webform and sends it with
> http_url_post.
> Can I build the json in a char variable and send it the same way?
> A full description of the expected protocol is in:
> https://www.bancard.com.py/**docs/Manual_Tecnico_E-**Commerce.pdf<https://www.bancard.com.py/docs/Manual_Tecnico_E-Commerce.pdf>
> Here I copied a small part where it explains that we must POST the Json,
> later on it gives all the detial of the data to send with each request.
> ______________________________**______________________________**
> ______________________________**___________
> Peticiones realizadas por el portal a VPOS
> Las peticiones serán realizadas por POST a una interfaz REST
> public_key Clave pública del portal. En el caso de la confirmación, la key
> enviada es
> también la del portal al cual se envía.
> Datos de la operación que se va a llevar a cabo.
> {
> "public_key": "[public key]",
> "operation": {
> "token": "[generated token]",
> ...
> }
> }
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