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Generate WDL from End Point URL

   Hi Thomas,

   I had got an requirement to consume an external web service. The
   external party has just provided me the end point url but no WSDL file.
   Can you please provide some inputs as how can we consume web service
   w/o having wsdl file.

   Is there a way we generate WSDL file using end point URL and then
   WSDL2RPG to generate stubs and follow regular process from there on?



   Gaurav Gupta

   Project Leader, GE(Contractor)

   GE Capital

   Rail Services

   T:  +1 312-853-5536

   D: *750-5536

   C:  +1 847-337-1852

   161 N Clark St.
   Chicago, IL  - 60601, USA


   1. mailto:gaurav.gupta3@xxxxxx
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