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Re: WSDL2RPG/HTTPAPI and passing more than 16mb data

   Today dynamic arrays do not (really) help to get beyond 16mb because
   all dynamic arrays share the same memory heap. The advantage of dynamic
   arrays is that the 16mb are used more efficiently and that that the
   total message size can grow up to 32mb. 16mb of static storage of the
   request/response data structure plus 16mb additional heap storage.
   For the next release I changed the WSDL2RPG memory manager to
   optionally create one heap per array. This way each array can grow up
   to 16mb. If you are on WSDL2RPG v1.14.1 or higher, you may consider to
   replace WSDL2R84 (and PWSDL2R84) to use the new manager. After having
   generated the stub you need to change module WS_SRV like this:
     // Start memory manager, do not use symbolic names
     // Note 1: It is strongly recommended not to use symbolic names
     //         due to high performance degradation.
     // Note 2: Set "use separate heaps" to cTRUE, if your
     //         request/response messages uses dynamic arrays
     //         and exceeds 16MB.
     MemoryManager_attachService(uuid       // web service uuid
                                 : cFalse   // do not use symbolic names
   for arrays
                                 : cTrue);  // use separate heaps for
   arrays !!!
   ftpapi-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx schrieb am 08.09.2013 16:45:26:
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   > Betreff: WSDL2RPG/HTTPAPI and passing more than 16mb data
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   > Hello,
   > We are on iSeries V7.1 and use wsdl2rpg, there is a need to pass
   more than
   > 16mb of data to consume web services,
   > Please suggest alternatives or If we are doing something
   > Will using Dynamic arrays help?, I think there is an example in
   > library,
   > Thanks in advance.
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