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Re: %UCS2 parameters for http_url_post

   yes, it is possible to mix sbcs and dbcs in a post eben from HTTPAPI -
   but it is tricky ;-)

   On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 9:34 PM, Scott Klement <[1]sk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

     HTTP_url_post() should work fine with UCS-2 fields, given:
     1) you call HTTP_setCCSIDs() to tell HTTPAPI to translate from UCS-2
     (CCSID 13488) instead of the default of EBCDIC.
     2) You put your UCS2 data into an RPG type C (UCS-2) field instead
     of using the %UCS2() BIF directly on the API.
     3) Multiply the length by 2, since HTTPAPI is expecting the length
     in bytes (rather than characters.)
     I don't know if it'll work with http_url_encoder_addvar(), though..
     this is something I've not tried.

   On 9/4/2013 8:00 AM, Thomas Neerup Andersen wrote:

     � � A question of Internationalization..
     � � Is there any way to call http_url_post with a %UCS2 string as
     � � data?
     � � And what about http_url_encoder_addvar is there any way to add
     a %UCS2
     � � parameter?
     � � Thomas Neerup Andersen

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