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RE: HttpApi Question

Please turn on debug and send the listing making sure to obscure login information.

You indicate you are doing multiple POST. Are they related? Or standalone?

IIRC, when using http_url_post, it opens the connection, does the authentication called for, sends the data, receives the response, and closes the connection. So, if you need to send multiple messages between the open and close, you will need to do it differently using "lower level" procedures.

This message described the scenario and a problem that the poster was having doing it this way.

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All -

I have taken over a project to convert a process from VB6 to the Iseries.
I downloaded the HTTPAPI source and examples.

This is the process:
   Send a log-on message
   Send multiple data messages

This is a snippet of source from the VB 6 applications that I am attempting
to convert.

xmlHTTP.Open "POST", strServer, False, strUser, strPassword
xmlHTTP.Send (xmlData)

I have been following the recent email regarding sending the authentication
prior to each "POST". So my RPGLE source looks like the following.

callp http_setAuth( HTTP_AUTH_BASIC:
                    'xxxxxx' );

 eval rc=http_url_post( %Trimr(server) :

The service that I am sending these messages to does load balancing.  Some
of the transactions are successful and some I am receiving the response "1
Invalid authorization token".  The support for the site tells me that I am
dropping the connection and that is why I am receiving these messages.

At this point I am not certain how to proceed and was looking for
suggestions from the group.

Thank you in advance,

Nancy Schueller
563-584-0404 x123

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