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Error on FTP_mkdir

   Hii to all.
   I'md ouing a project for a customer and  need to replicate a directory
   struct w/files on a different as400, and i tun into a problem creating
   a directory.
   When i call FTP_mkdir i receive and answer of -1 but the directory is
   created. I lookend into the source, and the function await for a 257
   reply, while AS400 reply with 250 - directtory xxxx created.
   I suppose i'm at last FTPAPI version (2.3) and i've looket to archives
   to see if someone else fall into this, with apparently no luck. Also i
   checked for 257 reply, and it appear to be correct answer.
   Is there any 'standard' workaround for this ?? Actually, i've change my
   code to ignore return from FTP_mkdir() and do another FTP_chdir() to
   ensure the directory has been created (which is what is done...) but
   i'd like to know if there's a better way.
   Thanks for any reply.
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