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RE: FedEx API Using RPG


We have an internal Fedex server that does the estimated shipping charges.
It uses a FedEx service program called WEBAPICS that they provided.
However, we do track shipments through FedEx, so maybe that will help.

// set up the soap request                                         
Soap='<soapenv:Envelope +                                          
        xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"; +
        xmlns:v2="http://fedex.com/ws/track/v2";> +                 
<soapenv:Header/> +                                          
 <soapenv:Body> +                                            
  <v2:TrackRequest> +                                        
    <v2:WebAuthenticationDetail> +                            
     <v2:UserCredential> +                                    
      <v2:Key>xxxxx</v2:Key> +                     
      <v2:Password>xxxx</v2:Password> +  
     </v2:UserCredential> +                                   
    </v2:WebAuthenticationDetail> +                           
 <v2:ClientDetail> +                               
  <v2:AccountNumber>123</v2:AccountNumber> + 
  <v2:MeterNumber>123</v2:MeterNumber> +     
 </v2:ClientDetail> +                              
 <v2:Version> +                                    
  <v2:ServiceId>trck</v2:ServiceId> +              
  <v2:Major>2</v2:Major> +                         
  <v2:Intermediate>0</v2:Intermediate> +           
  <v2:Minor>0</v2:Minor> +                         
 </v2:Version> +                                     
 <v2:PackageIdentifier> +                            
  <v2:Value>' + %Trim(TrackNumber) + '</v2:Value> +  
  <v2:Type>TRACKING_NUMBER_OR_DOORTAG</v2:Type> +    
 </v2:PackageIdentifier> +                           
  FedXCompany +                                      
 </v2:TrackRequest> +                                 
</soapenv:Body> +                                     

// post soap service to Fed Ex (ParseXML parses information) 
RC = Http_Url_Post_Xml( 'https://gateway.fedex.com:443/+     
                       : %Addr(SOAP) + 2                     
                       : %Len(SOAP)                          
                       : *NULL                               
                       : %PAddr(ParseXML)                    
                       : %Addr(RESP)                         
                       : HTTP_TIMEOUT                        
                       : HTTP_USERAGENT                      
                       : 'text/xml;charset=UTF-8'            
                       : '"track"');                         
P ParseXML        B                                            
 D ParseXML        PI                                           
 D   Save                          *   Value                    
 D   Depth                       10I 0 Value                    
 D   Name                      1024A   Varying Const            
 D   Path                     24576A   Varying Const            
 D   Value                    32767A   Varying Const            
 D   Attrs                         *   Dim(32767)               
 D                                     const options(*varsize)  
   If Name = 'v2:Severity';                                     
    Severity = Value;                                           
  If Name = 'v2:ActualDeliveryTimestamp';
   Delivery = Value;                     
P                 E                                                                              



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I have set up an RPG program using HTTPAPI and using Scott's example to contact UPS to return an estimated shipping charge for a shipment.  I would now like to do the same thing with FedEx but am having trouble deciphering their manual.  Does anyone have any example code for the FedEx XML input and output for just a rate inquiry or any inquiry using the FedEx API.




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