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[no subject]

   Hi Scott,

           I do not know if this is the forum or not to ask you questions
   and if not, I apologize.  I am just having a very strange problem with
   the http_url_post_raw process that I cannot explain.  I cannot
   determine why and have never seen this before.  I am running a number
   of transactions through a program that is sending out package tracking
   number requests and receiving them back.  It works fine most of the
   time.  I'd say about 95% of the time.  But every once is a great while
   it burps.  I receive back a partial transaction.  It is cutoff at
   record position the 2648.  Always at 2648. Why 2648 is beyond me.
   And then immediately, I get back the remaining part of the message
   without doing another POST.  The program just processes thru "INCOMING"
   procedure a second time as if it knows I only got back a partial
   message.  It looks like I may have a buffering problem or a
   SEND/RECEIVE before the whole transaction actually exists on the Web
   Service.  But I have no way of proving this.

           I've ask everyone I know it this is possible.  Some laugh at
   me, some say no way and some say it seems to be a network problem.  As
   you can imagine, none of these answer go over well with the "powers to
   be".  and the laughing kinda make me grown with ineptness.

           I am running on V6.1   so not sure if that could be it.

           Any help would be greatly appreciated.

           Thanks again,

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