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RE: First Attempt At Decoding Base64 XML Element

Hi Donnie,

It looks like your email client did something to the attachment (scrubbed). The zip appears to be fine. I opened it and extracted the files. You might try to get it directly from gmail or out of the archives (at the bottom of this message)

or direct link to zip: 


The base64 encoded transactions are most likely in ASCII - but it would depend on the server that encoded them. So download to the IFS, decode the file, convert something you can read...This posting might help if you go that way.
I don't know your timeline but if you continue to work with Thomas, you will eventually just "get it". His tool provides what you need...just needs to work at it a bit.


I still have WSDL2RPG v1.13 on our box and the test stub generated from
that version did return a response.  If I go back to v1.13 let me ask
this.  The <transactions> element will be returned as EBCDIC or ASCII?  If
ASCII, then what is the recommended way to convert it to EBCDIC?  As for
parsing the <transactions> element, would you agree that HTTPAPI procedure:
http_parse_xml_string() would be the best choice?

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