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Re: First Attempt At Decoding Base64 XML Element

   You were correct on both counts.  I read the FAQ and decided to upgrade
   WSDL2RPG to v 1.15.2.

   After upgrading, I have a much different problem.  I can save the
   results to a stream file inserting the following in my test program,
   but I am not receiving the web service response back to my test program
   after the call:

   // Redirect response to stream file

   if (stmf <> '');



    Any ideas?

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     Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 21:06:02 +0200
     From: Thomas Raddatz <[1]thomas.raddatz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
     To: HTTPAPI and FTPAPI Projects <[2]ftpapi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
     Subject: Re: First Attempt At Decoding Base64 XML Element
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     Given that the XML element is defined as "base64Binary", WSDL2RPG
     have chosen procedure UnMarshaller_toBase64Binary() to put your data
     the response data structure. Didn't it do so?
     If it did it right you should already have the decoded XML string in
     response data structure. Don't you have it?
     You may also consider to read "FAQ How to Send Base64 Encoded
     It tries to explain how to handle Base64 encoded data, not only for
     passwords. Let me know if it needs to be improved.
     Last but not least, you may want to have a look at example WS0005.
     example calls a web service to receive a Base64 encoded PDF
     document. It is
     not difficult to imagine that the PDF could be a Base64 encoded XML
     document as well. Sometimes the server is down and requires a few
     to get up from standby after the first request. In that case just
     wait a
     couple of minutes and call the web service again.


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