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   Hi Scott,

   I have a project for which I want to use the HTTPAPI. The user wants to
   update a central database via a webservice call from his AS400 ordering
   system. Up to 333 item numbers and quantities can be sent in a SOAP XML
   message to the web service. The web service returns details of stock
   levels, re-order levels, status etc. I have written an RPGLE program
   (based on EXAMPLE16 in LIBHTTP) which passes the input data (up to 333
   items numbers and quantities) and parses the XML response into a
   parameter string for returning to the calling program. All this works

   The issue I have, is that if I receive the returned data as a file in
   the IFS using http_url_post, the process takes less than a second to
   run. If I parse the returned XML data in my RPG program using
   http_url_post_xml and load this data into an ouput parameter string,
   the process takes approximately 20 seconds to run. This works out at
   around 15 items per second. Is there a way of receiving the response
   from the web service into the RPG (and not to an IFS file) in a
   speedier way than using the XML parser please?


   Dave Jones

   3X Software Limited

   23 Princes Drive

   Colwyn Bay

   Conwy LL29 8HT

   Tel 01492 539020

   Mob   07783 587734

   Email   [1]davej@xxxxxxxxxx

   web   [2]www.3xsoftware.co.uk



   1. mailto:davej@xxxxxxxxxx
   2. http://www.3xsoftware.co.uk/

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