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Re: FTP Error 10

Hi Barb,

On 10/23/2012 7:19 AM, Straus, Barb wrote:
0: > STOR
0: 150 Binary mode  data connection for
   OnlineBillPay_FileTransfer~mam_ref_543471.121023.pgp;application:cintasFTP (,21318).
0: > QUIT
   55000 - SNDUSRMSG
Message . . . . : FTP ERROR FTP0010 - A connection with a remote socket was
reset by that socket.. NOTIFY TECHNICAL STAFF. (R P)

Hmmm... this is strange... I don't understand why you're sending a QUIT, above, when you haven't yet received the response to the STOR command?? FTPAPI should sit on the 'STOR' command until it receives a response.

Which API are you calling when you get the return value of 10? Is the 10 occuring during the FTP_put() or the FTP_quit()? I can't tell from the log you provided, since the I don't see the error until, apparently you've exited to a CL program doing SNDUSRMSG.

Also, I found out that the server we send the message to encrypts the file before sending back the transfer complete message and it takes over 10 minutes to encrypt the file.  I've asked if the message could be sent before the encryption.  Waiting for a reply on this.

Hmmm... possibly you need to send a SITE command or something similar to increase the server-side timeout?

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