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RE: FTP Error 10

I think it's after the ftp_quit.  We created a CL to call a program (AR0102R) which calls ftpapi_h and then the program passes back the error number to the CL.  The job log has limited information and we enhanced the error message sent back a little.  Here's what I see.

49100 - CALL PGM(AR0102R)          /* The CALL command contains parameters */
0: 220 CPMASWME01 FTP server (webMethods Integration Server version ready.
0: 331 Password required for OBPFTP.
0: > PASS **********
0: 230 User OBPFTP logged in.
0: > CWD /ns/cintasFTP/receive
0: 250 CWD command successful.
0: > TYPE I
0: 200 Type set to I.
0: > PORT 10,1,4,55,83,70
0: 200 PORT command successful.
0: > STOR
0: 150 Binary mode  data connection for
  OnlineBillPay_FileTransfer~mam_ref_543471.121023.pgp;application:cintasFTP (,21318).
0: > QUIT
  55000 - SNDUSRMSG
Message . . . . : FTP ERROR FTP0010 - A connection with a remote socket was
reset by that socket.. NOTIFY TECHNICAL STAFF. (R P)

Also, I found out that the server we send the message to encrypts the file before sending back the transfer complete message and it takes over 10 minutes to encrypt the file.  I've asked if the message could be sent before the encryption.  Waiting for a reply on this.


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Hi Barb,

The error message (about the connection being reset) means that a
network connection was ended "abnormally."   Error code #10 means that
it happened while FTPAPI was receiving a line of data from the remote host.

If I had to take a guess, I'd say that after the file is transferred, the FTP server is disconnecting you while you are in the middle of receiving a response.  Normally this shouldn't happen, because TCP keeps the data in it's buffers until the connection is closed -- but sometimes people configure their TCP settings weird, so that data doesn't get kept once the connection is closed.  (This would be on the server side, not on the side where FTPAPI is running.)

Are you receiving this while calling FTP_put()?  Or FTP_quit()? Or,
which API are you calling?   If it's during FTP_quit(), I wouldn't worry
about it.

The description is provided by the operating system.  It's CPE3426 from message file QCPFMSG.

On 10/22/2012 3:15 PM, Straus, Barb wrote:
>     Every day we send a file using the FTPAPI and every day it successfully
>     sends but returns the FTP error code 10 with the description "A
>     connection with a remote socket was reset by that socket."  Does anyone
>     know what this means or why we are receiving this error when the file
>     was sent successfully?   Also, where does the description come from?
>     Thanks,
>     Barb

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