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Re: Parsing error


the answer might be or more less automated one. Some sentences don't make much sense, it seems as if these eggsperts collected some funky words and threw them into a sentence.

Fact is that the XML is wrong.

There are a lot of online free xml validators, like http://www.xmlvalidation.com, which Google found for me, i fed your xml into it, and it finds the error, too.

Google can also find pages explaining why one has to escape "&", like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XML#Escaping .

So instead of being ignorant and impertinent, the folks should take a look at XML 101.

It makes no sense that many data recipients have to correct the sender's error - it would be much better if the error is being corrected.

The funny thing is that i heard of a similar story some years ago, where exactly the same happened, shop A sent data to shop B and received an unescaped "&" in the data. After some investigation they found out that shop B more or less just sent back what shop A sent them with only some data added. As soon as shop A fixed the bug of sending "&", they received correct data...

Good luck, enjoy a drink on your inevitable victory! ;-)

Best regards,

Anton Gombkötö

Am 22.10.2012 13:48, schrieb Laura Hamway (PHOENIX):
I did send an email to the company that we are consuming the webservice from and this was the response I received back:

The use of a robust XML Document Object Model (DOM) is advised in XML calling API's. Home grown parsers do not often permit otherwise "allowable" xml variations. It is recommended that you deploy a parser that supports the XML Document Object Model (DOM). The DOM defines a standard set of commands that parsers should expose so you can access HTML and XML document content from your programs. An XML parser that supports the DOM will take the data in an XML document and expose it via a set of objects that you can program against. This is probably a setup in your SOAP environment.

Do you know what they are trying to tell me?


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