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Re: Parsing error

hi Laura,

The XML parser included with HTTPAPI is Expat, which is one of the most widely used XML parsers in the world. It's the same XML parser that's built-in to many operating systems and programming languages. It's not a "home grown XML parser."

The fact remains that their XML is not well-formed, and rather than fix it, they're giving you attitude.

If you wish to use a DOM parser, that's up to you. You can call HTTP_url_post(), and it will save your document to the IFS. You can then choose to use any XML parser you like, there's no requirement to use Expat. I only included it in an attempt to make things easier for you.


On 10/22/2012 6:48 AM, Laura Hamway (PHOENIX) wrote:
I did send an email to the company that we are consuming the webservice from and this was the response I received back:

The use of a robust XML Document Object Model (DOM) is advised in XML calling API's. Home grown parsers do not often permit otherwise "allowable" xml variations. It is recommended that you deploy a parser that supports the XML Document Object Model (DOM). The DOM defines a standard set of commands that parsers should expose so you can access HTML and XML document content from your programs. An XML parser that supports the DOM will take the data in an XML document and expose it via a set of objects that you can program against. This is probably a setup in your SOAP environment.

Do you know what they are trying to tell me?


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