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WSDL2RPG - Version 1.15.2 available

Hi folks,

I released WSDL2RPG V1.15.2. You can download WSDL2RPG from my Freeware
page at http://www.tools400.de.

Version 1.15.2 of WSDL2RPG is mainly a bug fix release that fixes several bugs of the generator.

The most important changes are:

* The generator has been changed to generate a single request message parameter instead of input parameters for each part of the request message of RPC style web services.

* Fixed problem that the debug log had been left open at the and of the web service procedure.

* Fix problem of duplicate callback procedure names in certain cases.

* Fixed problem to properly handle wsdl files with mixed qualified and unqualified elements.

* Added stub procedure *_RedirectResponse_toStmf() to save the web service response to a stream file

Please also notice:

* New FAQ: "How to Save Response to Stream File v1.0"

* Updated FAQ: "HTTPAPI and NTLM v1.4"



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