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Re: Getting a Log from the FTPAPI Transactions

The ftp_log() API will enable logging for all FTP sessions, or ftp_logging() can be used to enable it for only one session.

Once enabled, the FTP protocol data will be written to the job log. IF this is a one-time deal, it might be easiest to do that, then dump the job log to a spooled file, and e-mail it to yourself.

If this will be an ongoing need, you can use the FTP_xproc() procedure to register an exit procedure. Use the FTP_EXTLOG exit point, and it will send all of the logging information to a procedure of your choice instead of sending it to the job log. You can then write code that puts it into a file, or whatever is convenient for you. This way, you can make it look nice in an e-mail, and make it go automatically (without a need for stuff like dumping a job log.)


On 10/17/2012 9:29 PM, Mike Wills wrote:
How can I get a log dump of the FTP transaction so I can email to myself?

Mike Wills

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