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Re: Web services

   Hi Carlos,
   My guess would be that postData is a VARYING field.  This is just a
   guess, because you did not include the definition of this field in your
   message, but it would explain the behavior you're seeing.
   VARYING fields are stored in memory as a 2 or 4 byte unsigned integer
   that keeps track of the current length of the field, followed by the
   actual characters in the field.  So if your postData variable is 65535
   long or shorter, the first two bytes in memory would be the length.
   When you pass %addr(postData) to HTTPAPI, the address you're supplying
   points to those length bytes, so HTTPAPI dutifully sends those length
   bytes to the server.
   That's why in some of my examples, you'll see me do:  %addr(myVar) +
   2.    The +2 provides an address that's two bytes higher -- i.e. it
   skips over those two length bytes.   On V6R1 and higher, IBM gave us a
   way to do that automatically with %ADDR(myVar:*DATA), which is better
   because it's more self-documenting.
   Anyway, try changing your code to %ADDR(postData: *DATA) or if you're
   still on V5R4 or earlier, do %ADDR(postData)+2 and see if that solves
   the problem.
   Good luck!

   On 10/12/2012 1:48 PM, J. Carlos Lugo wrote:

   Hello All:

   I am submitting a HTTP Post to Pay Trace web services but when pay
   trace received my Data String shows a weird character

   Here is the Data String submitted to Pay Trace

   Hello, and thank you for contacting Pay Trace.

   We can see ' ¬- ' before the parmlist. Beyond that it is formatted
   correctly. Here is the same information without the ' ¬- ' in there
   which works correctly when submitted through a browser.


   HERE is your string



   Here is what I have in the program to test the HTTP Post

   postData =

     'parmlist='                                                  +

     'UN~demo123|PSWD~demo123|TERMS~Y|METHOD~ProcessTranx|'       +

     'TRANXTYPE~Authorization|CC~4012881888818888|EXPMNTH~12|'    +

     'EXPYR~12|AMOUNT~1.00|CSC~999|BADDRESS~1234|BZIP~83852|'     +

     'INVOICE~8888|'+ CRLF                                        ;

   rc = http_url_post('[3]https://paytrace.com/api/default.pay?'

                         : %addr(postData)

                         : %len(%trimr(postData))

                         : '/tmp/httptest.html');

   Any advise will be appreciate it if I am using the right HTTP_URL_POST
   or should I use a Different POST Process to void the character that
   they Pay trace found in my data string.



   Carlos Lugo

   Multitec Consultants Group Inc.

   ( 310-717-7327



   1. [5]https://paytrace.com/api/default.pay?parmlist=UN~demo123|PSWD~demo123|T
   2. [6]https://paytrace.com/api/default.pay

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