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Re: STOR (put) Command Receiving Error

I don't see anything wrong, here... Maybe you're not allowed to do active FTP, and you need to do passive? It's worth a try.

If that doesn't help, try doing it the way that works (from the IBM FTP client) but use the 'debug' subcommand to enable the same sort of log output. Post that, and we'll see what's different between them.

On 10/11/2012 4:54 PM, Brian wrote:
With logging on, it looks like this in the job log:

1: > PASS **********
1: 230 Connect:Enterprise UNIX login ok, access restrictions apply.
1: > CWD /
1: 250 CWD to '/' successful
1: > TYPE I
1: 200 Type set to I.
1: > PORT 172,25,10,10,56,15
1: 200 PORT command successful.
1: 550 You are not allowed to issue this command

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