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Re: Creating Web services through IBMs Integrated Web Services Server

This isn't really the right forum - maybe web400 at midrange.com ... but

I believe you can have more than one service on each server - but I don't know the details. But why do it that way?  If you are experienced with CGIDEV2 why not use it to create a REST (or any other kind for that matter) web service?  I think Scott has written on the topic and I have also done so - see http://www.ibmsystemsmag.com/ibmi/developer/rpg/web_service_rest/  I strongly suspect that it will perform a lot better than integrated web server approach.

I believe that Henrik also has useful features for building web services in his powerExt tool set (powerext.com) which is based on CGIDEV2.

On 2012-10-09, at 12:02 PM, janottar@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> The idea is to create hundreds of small webservices - for different
>   functions - in a development project  to enable front end developers
>   (with no RPG-knowledge) to help us create a GUI version of our
>   ERP-software.
>   (so far we have used CGIDEV2 for bits and pieces of web development -
>   but on that platform we are not able to hire more  staff    -  but
>   there are lots of java based frontenders around.)
>   The first step is to check out different options - and the IDEA of many
>   small RPGs with  input/output parametes as a basis to create
>   webservices/WSDLs to serve java/frontend developers seemed like a good
>   one..

Jon Paris


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