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Creating Web services through IBMs Integrated Web Services Server

   I have studied Scott's paper 'Web Services for RPGers' with great
   My first simple web service - type Hello World - was up an running and
   tested  within 20 minutes just by following Scotts eminent step by step
   These instructions helped me not only to create the web service - but
   also the web service server to run it on - great...
   BUT it might be that I missed out on something - I keep looking for a
   button to ADD more web services to run on the same web services server.
   Cannot find such an option - and I end up creating one new server (on a
   separate port) pr RPG-program I want to turn into a web service
   - That cannot be the IDEA ???
   Can somone help me as to how i create MANY web services to run on the
   same web services server ??
   The idea is to create hundreds of small webservices - for different
   functions - in a development project  to enable front end developers
   (with no RPG-knowledge) to help us create a GUI version of our
   (so far we have used CGIDEV2 for bits and pieces of web development -
   but on that platform we are not able to hire more  staff    -  but
   there are lots of java based frontenders around.)
   The first step is to check out different options - and the IDEA of many
   small RPGs with  input/output parametes as a basis to create
   webservices/WSDLs to serve java/frontend developers seemed like a good
   But mabe its not - Any Views  ???
   An other option we are investigating is to continue using CGIDEV2, but
   turn in the direction that the CGI server programs delivers JSON object
   directly to the browser..
   The front end developers then will have to work with html/javascript/js
   framewoks/ajax/css  totally indepent  of  java-based  application
   server as a  'midle layer'.
   To us that seems as an easier approch - but we do not know  if that
   kind of expertise is harder to find then java developers..

   Our  company isn't that big - so we have to keep total costs in mind -
   at the same time as we NEED to modernize
   and we do believe that the technique we end up with has to be
   meinstream in the sence tha we should be able tu use front end
   developers with no RPG knowlege,
   All the bussines logic skoud stay on the server/RPG-levels and should
   only be acessible to the front end through defined calls...
   Anyone that has some ideas as to point us in the right direction ???
   Forbedringer/nyheter fra Systema AS - [1]klikk her
   Med vennlig hilsen / Best regards
   Jan Ottar Valderhaug
   St.Halvardsgt. 33A , 0192 Oslo
   Tel: +47 22660660 Direct: +47 22660654 Mob: +47 48052470 Fax: +47


   1. http://aspweb.systema.no/sycgip/esPTF02.pgm?user=ASSNN
   2. file://localhost/tmp/www.systema.no

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