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FW: Travel Reservation October 08 for DENISE

   Flight Plan to Toronto

   From: SARAH [mailto:snicol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
   Sent: Friday, October 05, 2012 12:56 PM
   To: Ernie Denise; Vanessa Jacobson
   Subject: Travel Reservation October 08 for DENISE

   Your Travel Arranger is pleased to deliver your complete travel
   itinerary through Sabre� Virtually There�.

   [1]Click here to access your reservation on the web or a mobile device.

   Sign up for TripCase and receive free flight notifications and
   important information from your travel provider. [2]Try It-It's Free!
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   Virtually There� allows you to review or print your reservations, as
   well as:
     * Register for trip reminders and cancellation/delay notifications
     * View maps & driving directions
     * Review city guides & restaurant recommendations
     * Get up-to-date weather and much more!

   You may also access your reservation on the web or from your mobile
   device at [3]www.virtuallythere.com. Simply enter your last name and
   the six-character reservation code provided to you by Your Travel
   Arranger. As a security measure, you will be prompted to enter your
   e-mail address or a password that Your Travel Arranger may have
   provided to you. If you have any question about which e-mail address to
   use, we recommend that you use the one that received this e-mail.

   [4]Click here to opt out of receiving future e-mails from Virtually

   If the above link is inactive, please paste this URL into your browser
   to access your reservations:


   Travel Leaders
   9 Pleasant Street Framingham, MA 01701


   1. https://www.virtuallythere.com/new/reservationsChron.html?emailType=EM&host=1W&pnr=1B1NDBO3971X&name=DENISE&language=0&email=2
   2. https://ads.virtuallythere.com/click.ng/transactionID=3327694287772898079&SITE=VTO&AREA=EPTCLINK&SIZE=&PCC=&TCUSER=&pc=vtem
   3. http://www.virtuallythere.com/
   4. https://www.virtuallythere.com/new/emOptOut.html?host=1W&language=0&email=2&pcc=T8W3&nrs=true
   5. https://www.virtuallythere.com/new/reservationsChron.html?emailType=EM&host=1W&pnr=1B1NDBO3971X&name=DENISE&language=0&email=2

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