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Re: HTTPAPI - Open Browser?

Hiya Vince,

> In the background the web service stores the long URL and provides an
> alias or abbreviated URL.  This URL fits in the STRPCCMD and when
> launched simply redirects to the long URL.  That works, not a
> problem.

Hmmm..  are you talking about a URL shortener tool, like bit.ly or 
tinyurl.com?  If so, I'm not sure how web services play into the 
equasion?  Are you using a web service call to create the shortened URL, 
then invoking it via STRPCCMD?

If the objection is to using 3rd party URL shorteners like this, you 
might try putting together your own tool that runs on your IBM i, as 
described here:

> However, there are nay-sayers in the company, Web Service bashers you
> might call them.  So just to be sure, is there a much more simplified
> method of getting around the 123 byte limitation of STRPCCMD?

There are many ways to workaround the shortcomings of STRPCCMD.  There 
are at least 3 or 4 other ways to run a remote command on your PC. 
There are also ways to split STRPCCMD command lines across multiple 
calls, or have STRPCCMD refer to an IFS file.  There are many possibilities.

However, done of this is related to FTPAPI or HTTPAPI.  (Which serve a 
purpose that's unrelated to your question.)

I would suggest doing some searches, especially on the archives of 
SystemiNetwork.com.  Try the article archive, here:


As well as searching archived messages in the forum, here:


If that turns up empty (or unclear) I would recommend using the System 
iNetwork forums to ask your question, or perhaps the Midrange.com 
mailing lists. I think you'll find that there's 101 ways to workaround 

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