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HTTPAPI - Open Browser?

   Hey all

   We launch web pages from some of our iSeries applications, really easy
   until the URLs began getting bigger.  We ran into the age-old issue of
   the PC Command being > 123 bytes, so just to play we created a link
   launcher on a separate server and have an RPG program consume it with
   the long URL.  In the background the web service stores the long URL
   and provides an alias or abbreviated URL.  This URL fits in the
   STRPCCMD and when launched simply redirects to the long URL.  That
   works, not a problem.  However, there are nay-sayers in the company,
   Web Service bashers you might call them.  So just to be sure, is there
   a much more simplified method of getting around the 123 byte
   limitation of STRPCCMD?

   Vincent Selders

   Lead Progrmmer / Analyst

   Magellan Health Services

   desk: (314) 387-4244

   fax: (888) 656-0383


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