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Sockets, Sessions, Session handles, and FD handles

   Working with FTPAPI (and in particular the session management piece)
   I'm finding myself confused by the interchangeable use of _words_ like
   session and socket when the two _meanings_ don't seem to be

   For example, FTP_delete is called with first parameter peSession.  It
   calls the selectSession(peSession) function, which loops through its
   occurrences,  looking for a "session" where "wkSocket" is equal to
   peSession.  It then uses the ordinal position of the located match as
   a parameter to cmd_occurrsession, which will in turn make that
   "located" session the "current" one.  OK so far (if we must; it's all
   changing anyway).    So now, if I've done my math correctly, peSession
   is equal to wkSocket.

   Then back at FTP_delete, we SendLine() to the wkSocket from the
   current occurrence... and if successful, we try to  get a reply from
   our first parameter (peSession).  This (send to wkSocket; receive from
   peSession) is done consistently throughout the FTP_* procedures.  Then
   in tsend it is no longer session or socket... instead, it is wwFD!
   Now correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't wkSocket and peSession
   contain the same value?  I think so, so why all this confusion?!?!
   There must be an interesting history here that I'm missing, but I just
   want to make sure I  get this right before I hand it back for you
   folks to bless.

   To make matters worse, there are procedures that take peSession as a
   parameter where peSession is intended to be an ordinal index, and
   other procedures where peSession is a socket handle.  And the final
   clincher is that both session index and socket handle are 4-byte
   integers.  All of this seems to invite mistakes.

   So... is it just me or is there a serious need for nomenclature
   changes in this area?  I truly don't want to step on any toes here (I
   do that enough elsewhere), so please take my questions and comments in
   the light of one who wants to improve a process.

   I am actually moving fairly quickly on the changes - it's going even
   better than I'd hoped, and now it's time to examine the use of that
   wkSession field, and that's the reason I'm focusing on this now.

   Dennis E. Lovelady
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