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http_url_post_raw response to IFS

   Hi Scott,

   I am using http_url_post_raw API and getting the XML response back. My
   response XML length may exceed Maximum allowed in RPGLE. And I am
   planning to use pointer variabes for the response XML.

   Can I still use http_url_post_raw API and define a pointer variable in
   the RECEIVEDATA procedure to receive the response. If not, Is there
   any API that allows us to
   get the response to IFS file. Is there a example ?.

   Below is my code for Ur reference:

   form = WEBFORM_open(); WEBFORM_setPtr(form: 'instring':
   %addr(@XML_Input) : %len(%trimR(@XML_Input)) ); WEBFORM_postData(form:
   postData: postDataSize ); // Post data and get document rc =
   http_url_post_raw(%trim(@ServerName) : postData : postDataSize : 1 :
   %paddr('RECEIVEDATA') : @HTTPPostTimeout : *OMIT : %trim(@URLEncodApp)
   ); WEBFORM_close(form); if rc <> 1; // Code to handle error Else;
   callp Translate(retlen: retdata: 'QTCPEBC');
   DS_HTTP_StatusData.XML_Response = %trim(retdata); endif;

   Thanks for your help.

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