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Re: How to verify a BASE64 encoded file

Hi Mike,

> Sounds familiar. I learned to deal with UU encoded files back in the
> early '90s.

Yep..  Base64 and uuencoding are very, very similar.  Base64 is just an 
improved version (the characters it uses are all invariant, whereas 
uuencode used some variant characters, and that caused problems for 

> So... I guess the question is. When I read in an XML file I created on
> the IFS with code page 819 and I BASE64 encode what I just read in, does
> it read it in translating ASCII to EBCDIC so when I encode it>, I'm
> encoding EBCDIC? How would I get it to NOT do the ASCII ->  EBCDIC
> translation? Would it still do the encoding correctly?

I know nothing about how you're reading the file or encoding it...?  Can 
you provide more details?  Maybe post the code you're using to read the 
file?   Or is this a 3rd party utility you're using?

(My own base64 tool doesn't know how to read a file -- so you must not 
be using that, unless you wrote the file-reading code on your own?!)
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