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Re: Questions Regarding "HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error"

Hello Ron,

On 10/1/2010 8:22 AM, Ron wrote:
>     1)       is HTTPAPI error #13 always just generated for this type of
>     situation (what triggers error #13)?

13 means "HTTP_RESP", and indicates that HTTPAPI detected the error by 
reading the response code from the HTTP server.  (In this case, the 
response code was 500 -- but any response code aside from 200 would 
indicate an error.)

>     2)       is 500 a standard return code for HTTP?

500 means "internal server error", and means that the server detected an 
error on it's own side of the conversation.  Usually, it means that a 
program that the HTTP server ran (e.g. the web service) ended abnormally.

It's generally not a very useful error code, because there are so many 
possible causes.

>     3)       can I get the 500 programmically out of HTTPAPI at runtime?

The number 500 should be returned from the http_url_post_xxx or 
http_url_get_xxx routine that you're calling.

     code = http_url_post_xml(...etc...);
     when code = 500;
        // do whatever
     when code <> 1;
        msg = http_error();

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