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Consuming Web Services

   Thanks in advance to anyone who may lend a hand.  I've gone through
   the archives but haven't found anything close to meeting my needs.  I
   am as green as they get when it comes to web services, so I have no
   idea where to even begin.

   I tried using Scott's example program (Example18) to get started, but
   I'm afraid I simply don't understand.

   The wsdl I've got is different from the one for the Currency Exchange
   example so it's difficult for me to translate.

          Where the currency exchange has something like:  <s:element

   I have <wsdl:operation name="searchMP" parameterOrder="searchXML"> - I
   know that "searchMP" translate to a method in the web service ... is
   that true for ConversionRate?  Why are they different?  The web
   service I'm trying to hit is from a different department and I am
   unable to change how they do things,

   I'll quit for now, I'm so frustrated I don't even know if I asked a

   Vince Selders

   Lead Programmer/Analyst


   Desk: (314) 387-4244   Fax: (888) 656-0383


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