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RE: Certificate doesn´t work anymore

Hi Alexander,
Recently I've got the same problems with SSL Version 3 communication with UPS. We simply reboot our HTTPS server and everything was up and running again.
They only thing I've changed was at DCM using "all protocols"  to explicit "SSL Version 3".


Van: ftpapi-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx namens Alexander Grünwald
Verzonden: ma 8/31/2009 2:44
Aan: ftpapi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Onderwerp: Certificate doesn´t work anymore

Hello !!

I am using HTTPAPI for years to get connected to a WebService. Last week the
WebService provider got a new certificate signed by VeriSign (according to
the certificate it is


-          VeriSign Class 3 Secure Server CA - G2

o   www.myksv.at

Using PC and trying with openssl and soapui I can access the webservice and
communicate with it. Nevertheless, doing the same with iseries doesn´t work

I have checked all settings in the DCM, checked if the trusted CA in *System
for VeriSign is still valid (yes both VeriSign Class 3 Certificates are
valid), deleted my application ID and reentered it again. Tried to import
the certificate file I have got from the vendor to get a new certification
instance (did not work - file could not be approved). Nevertheless I do get
the "(GSKit) Certificate is not signed by a trusted certificate Authority"
reply from the webserver.

Any ideas what I can check, or any possibilites to get openssl.exe running
on iseries to check directly the snding and reponding activieties on my
server ?

Thanx a lot, Alexander


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