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Certificate doesn´t work anymore

   Hello !!

   I am using HTTPAPI for years to get connected to a WebService. Last
   week the WebService provider got a new certificate signed by VeriSign
   (according to the certificate it is


   -          VeriSign Class 3 Secure Server CA - G2

   o   [1]www.myksv.at

   Using PC and trying with openssl and soapui I can access the
   webservice and communicate with it. Nevertheless, doing the same with
   iseries doesn´t work anymore.

I have checked all settings in the DCM, checked if the trusted CA in *System fo
r VeriSign is still valid (yes both VeriSign Class 3 Certificates are valid), d
eleted my application ID and reentered it again. Tried to import the certificat
e file I have got from the vendor to get a new certification instance (did not
work - file could not be approved). Nevertheless I do get the "(GSKit) Certific
ate is not signed by a trusted certificate Authority" reply from the webserver.

   Any ideas what I can check, or any possibilites to get openssl.exe
   running on iseries to check directly the snding and reponding
   activieties on my server ?

   Thanx a lot, Alexander


   1. http://www.myksv.at/
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