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Re: URL posting

I'm sorry I think I misread the prior email. Are the characters [1] literally in your RPG source code?

I was reading [1] as literally being in your RPG source code.

      eval      rc=http_url_post(
                      :%addr(data): %len(%trimr(data)):

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  The link [1]http://xx.xxx.xx.xxx/ffws/v1/ofax actually does a function
  call, With the XML input I am passing. Do you mean to say i cannot
  have this done using HTTP API?
  as i am a as400 programmer my companies MicroSof techie think i cannot
  understand anything in this regard. I am actually embarrassed being a
  AS400 guy. But i am pretty sure that with hard work i can make many
  things working on AS400, so i value your comment.


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