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Re: Missing tags in the web service XML creation

Scott - Upon reading the articles I am leaning towards your idea.

- If it is worth a question can you please tell me how different is
EXPAT compared to IBM supplied XML-SAX parser? I just started reading
documentation on IBM for XML parsing.

- I am trying to understand your sample programs in LIBHTTP and find
which is going to be the version I should use as there seems to be
different methods of XML parsing in there.

- Also I do not know if I can use SOAPUI since our company has already
developed a generic RPG application to generate a XML file to POST to
the web service. Would that cause any issues in using your EXPAT utility
to parse the response file?

- Lastly, your example in HTTPXMLR4 seems to contain both HTTP POST as
well as EXPAT parsing. Is that correct?

Thanks advance,


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> Here is what is happening. The tags between <q0:paymentRequest> and
> </q0:paymentRequest> are not being generated.

I just want to point out that you can use HTTPAPI with SoapUI. To get 
this service working.  It's a little more effort than using WSDL2RPG, 
but if you have a looming deadline, this might get you going quicker 
than waiting for Thomas to update WSDL2RPG.

Surely doing that is 100 times simpler than switching to another 
technology like MQ!

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