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Re: No SOAP input for WS!

   > WS works fine when we call it from the WS testing utility but the WS
   > expert removed the header and methode name element from the SOAP to
   > make it work in that utility. Just used the basic XML data input
   > element to test it. WSDL is attached.
   The XML document from your debug log and RPG code is not the same as
   the one in this WSDL.  The WSDL wants it to look like this:
            <tns:serviceXML> your-value here </tns:serviceXML>
   Your code doesn't have <tns:serviceXML> -- instead it has
   tns:ServiceDS and tns:ServiceParam.  These aren't defined anywhere in
   the WSDL.  One wonders where you got the SOAP that you are passing to
   the web service?  Because it sure doesn't look like the SOAP that the
   WSDL expects.


   1. http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/
   2. http://tempuri.org/
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