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HTTPAPI - can not get the examples work


   I have been working in iSeries for years, but just start to interface
   with other web application. The EXAMPLE18 is exactly what I need,
   however, I still stuck in the connection.

   We have firewall within our network, by reading some of the archives,
   I believe I need to go thru the proxy. How can I set up the proxy in
   the example program, do I need to modify the source code to include
   the proxy name, port, user id and password and recompile?

   Please advice if anyone can help.

   Henry Kwong | Lead System Analyst
   Mattel Global IT - Managed Services
   Mattel, Inc. | 333 Continental Blvd. | El Segundo, CA 90245
   ( 310-252-3205 | *  [1]Henry.Kwong@xxxxxxxxxx


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