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Re: HTTPAPI vs. XMLToolKit

The toolkit can be used directly from RPG and as far as processing XML  
is concerned is very powerful.  I was not aware that it had any  
ability to interact with web services however, just to create/update/ 
process XML data. There is another product from the same group in IBM  
that does that, but frankly I don't think it is anywhere near as good  

Having said that it is powerful - I should also point out that it  
suffers from truly horrible documentation and even worse example code.  
That is unless it has all been updated since I last looked it some 18  
months or so ago. The problem with the samples is they appear to be a  
direct translation into RPG of the C/C++ examples.  Lots of based  
variables and %allocs going on all over the place for no good reason.  
The net result for me was that after spending a few hours with the  
code I felt like slitting my wrists - I had almost completely  
forgotten why I was looking at it in the first place and no longer  
cared anyway. Hours of my life had passed never to be recouped!

Jon Paris


On 18-Aug-09, at 3:26 PM, Karl Woods wrote:

> So, does anyone out there have any experience with XMLToolKit? If  
> so, how does it compare to HTTPAPI? I've heard that XMLToolKit is  
> cumbersome and requires some functions to be written in C++ and then  
> placed in a C wrapper just so they can be used on a 400.

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