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Re: FTP transfers garbled up


Did you already check the default ASCII CCSID of your FTP configuration? If you did not already do 
that, please type CHGFTPA and press F4 to prompt the command. Then look at the CCSID parameter to get 
your default ASCII CCSID. That CCSID is used by the IBM FTP command when you set the transfer type to 
ASCII. For example on our box that parameter is set to 819 which means that every file is translated 
to CCSID 819 when using ASCII mode.

If your default ASCII CCSID is not equal to 437, which is the default of FTP API, use 
FTP_codePage(session: yourDftAsciiCcsid: 1252) to change the default values of FTP API to match your 
default ASCII CCSID and the CCSID of the file to be transferred. Then try to send the file again. Is 
it correct now?

You may also try to use the IBM FTP command to transfer the file but set the ASCII CCSID to 437 right 
before transferring the file. Open the FTP client and then use the TYPE command to change the ASCII CCSID:

    type c 437

Then transfer the file and check whether it is messed up the same way as if it was transfered using 

The problem you have is a CCSID problem and we have to try to figure out what CCSIDs to use.

Last but not least please ensure that the outgoing and incoming EBCDIC/ASCII table values of CHGFTPA 
are set to *CCSID to ensure that no table objects are used to do the ASCII/EBCDIC translation. It also 
may be interesting to know what operating system is running on the target server and and whether the 
target server knows about CCSIDs or something similar.

Perhaps I am completely wrong because you did not yet encounter that error with all the other servers 
you exchange data with. But at least it will not take too much time to check and try the things I 
described above and perhaps it will let us to new ideas.


Mark Smits schrieb:
> We are using the FTP API to communicate with several FTP servers and never encountered any problems. Until this one server which gives two different problems. We are using ASCII mode to send over the files.
> 1. Storing a file in the IFS, where the CCSID of the IFS file is 1252.  When FTP'ing this file, the contents gets garbled up. As if there has been some kind of code page conversion. This only happens when using the API. Doing a manual FTP (using the FTP command) from the iSeries to the server, the file arrives intact.
> 2. Storing a member in a file. This file has CCSID 37. When FTP'ing a CR+LF is translated into a LF. If I am not mistaken this is an "automatic conversion" when using ASCII mode and one side is Unix and the other is PC environment. But we never encountered this before and the strange thing is, that FTP'ing manual from the iSeries this translation is not happening.
> In both cases the FTP API seems to do some stuff that manual FTP isn't. And as stated before, we never saw these problems with other servers. And we do exactly the same when communicating to those other servers.
> Any ideas of what might be wrong ?
> Vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
> Mark Smits
> Com-Unit BV, The Netherlands
> The makers of Spider-Road
> Tel. : +31 (0) 20 612 6856
> Email: Smits@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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