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RE: FTP transfers garbled up

Ni Nicolas,

Thanks for joining in. Find the answers below.

> Hi Mark, I'm may be a little late on this thread.
> But I have som question that may be arrise a clue.
> You say that destination server "seems to be" linux/unix, mey 
> be is a good idea to confirm that.

When signing on, it gives some message about Unix file system. But I am
going to verify to be 100% sure.

> you say that you use FTP_API to send files to several 
> servers, and of course several files.
> Is this new case, a server where you never send a file allready ?

Correct, this is the first time we connect to this server.

> Problem 1 and problem 2 occurs on this new ftp server, that 
> you as/400 connect ??

Yes, for both problems the destination is the same FTP server.

Thanks for any pointers you can give.

Best regards,
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