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Re: FTP transfers garbled up

   Hi Mark, I'm may be a little late on this thread.

   But I have som question that may be arrise a clue.

   You say that destination server "seems to be" linux/unix, mey be is a
   good idea to confirm that.

   you say that you use FTP_API to send files to several servers, and of
   course several files.

   Is this new case, a server where you never send a file allready ?

   Problem 1 and problem 2 occurs on this new ftp server, that you as/400
   connect ??

   Best Regards.


   2009/8/10 Mark Smits <[1]smits@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

     We are using the FTP API to communicate with several FTP servers
     and never encountered any problems. Until this one server which
     gives two different problems. We are using ASCII mode to send over
     the files.
     1. Storing a file in the IFS, where the CCSID of the IFS file is
     1252.  When FTP'ing this file, the contents gets garbled up. As if
     there has been some kind of code page conversion. This only happens
     when using the API. Doing a manual FTP (using the FTP command) from
     the iSeries to the server, the file arrives intact.
     2. Storing a member in a file. This file has CCSID 37. When FTP'ing
     a CR+LF is translated into a LF. If I am not mistaken this is an
     "automatic conversion" when using ASCII mode and one side is Unix
     and the other is PC environment. But we never encountered this
     before and the strange thing is, that FTP'ing manual from the
     iSeries this translation is not happening.
     In both cases the FTP API seems to do some stuff that manual FTP
     isn't. And as stated before, we never saw these problems with other
     servers. And we do exactly the same when communicating to those
     other servers.
     Any ideas of what might be wrong ?
     Vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
     Mark Smits
     Com-Unit BV, The Netherlands
     The makers of Spider-Road
     Tel. : +31 (0) 20 612 6856
     Email: Smits@xxxxxxxxxxxx
     WWW  : [2]www.com-unit.com
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