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Re: Data Compression

hi Karl,

If (and I want to emphasize *if*, because it's a big question mark for 
me. I don't really know what you're referring to.) If you are referring 
to compression within the HTTP protocol, it's compression that's 
"negotiated" between the client & server.

Since HTTPAPI will always negotiate for "no compression" you'll never 
have compression.

On the other hand, if you're suggesting that you compress the data 
separately (not part of the HTTP protocol)...  for example, if you 
create an XML document, ZIP it, and return the zipped file --  then 
HTTPAPI will simply download the file.  HTTPAPI can download data in any 
format, (it's just a string of bytes to HTTPAPI.)

So then after downloading it, you could run it through 7-zip or info-zip 
or whatever to decompress it.

So I guess the question is... what do you mean by 'data compression'?

Karl Woods wrote:
> I started this thread back in March. I was just reminded by our Web
> Services group that they intend to compress data before sending it
> out.
> Since HTTPAPI does not decompress data, could someone tell me what
> steps I need to take to decompress the data before HTTPAPI parses it?
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