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Setup as400 to accept ftped text files from a customer into an ifs folder.

I'd like to allow a customer to ftp a text file to the ifs of our iSeries.
This would come in from outside the firewall.

I know i'll need to setup a user profile and password for them as well as provide
them with the ip address of the 400. (and let them in thru the firewall)

Thats' about all i know.

How/where can i set this up so that when they send something it always goes
into the same ifs folder?  ie; lock them out of changing folders etc or specifying
a different directory, specifically like /qsys.lib/**** etc.

What are things to look out for, gotchas etc?  Is there 'some' best practice for
doing this to limit any possible security breaches?

Thanks for any help, direction or good reading recommendations.

John B.
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