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Re: FTP transfers garbled up

Hi Mark,

> 1. Storing a file in the IFS, where the CCSID of the IFS file is
> 1252.  When FTP'ing this file, the contents gets garbled up. As if
> there has been some kind of code page conversion. This only happens
> when using the API. Doing a manual FTP (using the FTP command) from
> the iSeries to the server, the file arrives intact.

The purpose of ASCII mode in FTP is to enable character set conversion. 
  So there *should* be code page (or CCSID) conversion going on when you 
use FTP in ASCII mode.

I'm not really sure what is meant by "garbled up".   I assume that means 
that it's somehow doing the *wrong* code page conversion, into something 

I'm going to need more details in order to take this any further.  If 
you can tell me how to reproduce the problem on my own system, that 
would help a lot.

> 2. Storing a member in a file. This file has CCSID 37. When FTP'ing a
> CR+LF is translated into a LF. If I am not mistaken this is an
> "automatic conversion" when using ASCII mode and one side is Unix and

I don't follow this.  Members in files don't typically have either CRLF 
or just LF.  Members are record-oriented files, not text files, and so 
they don't use end-of-line markers, but rather have a fixed-width field 

Is FTPAPI the sender or receiver?

Is the destination a member?  Or is it coming from a member?  Or both?

Please tell me how to reproduce the problem.  If I can reproduce the 
problem, I can troubleshoot and fix it.  Otherwise, I'm stuck trying to 
guess all of the technical details, which is extremely difficult.  So 
please tell me how to reproduce.

> In both cases the FTP API seems to do some stuff that manual FTP
> isn't. And as stated before, we never saw these problems with other
> servers. And we do exactly the same when communicating to those other
> servers.

Working exactly like IBM's FTP client has never been one of the goals of 
the FTPAPI project, and probably will never be a goal.  So please help 
me fix things that are causing problems, but don't ask that it works 
exactly like IBM's tool.

If you want something that works exactly like IBM's FTP client, feel 
free to use IBM's FTP client.
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