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Re: ups changes


I haven't tried it... but I doubt that any changes would be necessary. 
Chained certificates are a standard feature of SSL v3.0, which was 
released by Netscape Communications Corporation in 1996.  Not exactly 
new stuff.

To the best of my knowledge, all you need is to be running V4R5 of 
OS/400 or later (no, I didn't transpose numbers.  I mean V4R5, the one 
released in 2000)

I haven't tried it... so please let us know if there's a problem.  But 
I'd be very surprised.

For sure, it won't involve any coding changes.  The stuff that has to be 
done differently is internal to the operating system, and wouldn't have 
any direct effect on your code (or HTTPAPI's code).  However, there's a 
slight chance you'd need to import extra certificates into the DCM. 
But, even that seems unlikely...

Larry Kleinman wrote:
>    Hi - I have been using (a modified by me version of ) EXAMPLE16 from
>    LIBHTTP in order to get shipping rates from UPS. I got an email,
>    relevant portion of which is copied below, from UPS that sounds like I
>    might have to make some changes. Do I?
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