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RE: ups changes

The IBM i supports SSL V3 therefore HTTPAPI should as well. Obviously, there
could be some additional coding necessary or you might need to import a new

It looks like you should be able to test the function at the UPS site.


If you find out if your app works or not, please get back to the list.

Mike Krebs

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Hi - I have been using (a modified by me version of ) EXAMPLE16 from LIBHTTP
in order to get shipping rates from UPS.  I got an email, relevant portion
of which is copied below, from UPS that sounds like I might have to make
some changes.  Do I?

On March 1, 2009, UPS is moving from unchained to chained Digital
Certificates to improve security when using the Internet. The change
requires your system to support the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Version 3.0
to be compatible with the new Digital Certificates.

Larry Kleinman
Kleinman Associates, Inc.

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