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PCML and data structures with dim

   Hi Scott,
   I must say that I?ve learned more from your httpapi, ifsebook and
   ftpapi than any other open source projects.The same applies to your
   superb support and presentations.  I read a presentation of yours
   where you describe how to use data structures with dimensions.
   We are using DS and DIM in rpg prototypes and compile with the pcml
   The problem is that we are returning a lot of "empty" data because of
   the dim.If we use 2 out of 50 in the KutDS, we are returning 48
   empty.Is there a way to get rid of the 48 empty in the DS array? Any

   Prototype example: D SKSKTOHI        PR
   ExtPgm('SKSKTOHI')               D   Meta
   likeds(Metads)                   D   Kinn
   likeds(Kinnds)                 D   KutMeta
   likeds(KutMetads)                D   Kut
   likeds(Kutds) dim(50)            D
   DS                  qualified                        D
   SessionId                    256A                                    D
   UserId                        50A                                    D
   ResultCode                     5A                                    D
   ResultType                    15A                                    D
   ResultText                   100A                                    D
   ResultDate                    10A                                    D
   ResultTime                     8AD ErrorId
                 DKinnds           DS
   qualified           D customerNbr                   11A
            DKutMetads        DS                  qualified           D
   hitsNbr                        3A
   DS                  qualified dim(50)   D
   customerNbr                   11A   Inz(*blanks)        D
   accountId                      3A   Inz(*blanks)        D
   accountIdDesc                 30A   Inz(*blanks)        D
   accountNbr                    23A   Inz(*blanks)        D
   startDate                      8A   Inz(*blanks)        D
   endDate                        8A   Inz(*blanks) D
   versCrtId                      5A   Inz(*blanks) D
   versCrtNameDc                 40A   Inz(*blanks) D
   versCrtDate                    8A   Inz(*blanks)

   Best regards,Magne
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