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Re: HTTPAPI vs ISockets

I tend to agree with you, Jason.

I wanted to share my feelings on the subject, but I don't particularly 
want to get into a war with Bob.  At this point, I'm happy to let it all 
drop, and get back to the business of writing a useful tool.

In response to Shahar saying "Don't retire like Frank Soltis". -- I 
think it's worth noting that Frank is 30 years older than I am.  I will 
probably retire when I'm 65 or 62 (younger than Dr. Soltis) but that's 
not for another 23+ years.

And, even when I retire, I'll be retiring from Klement's Sausage (or 
whatever job I end up with...) not from the open source community!

Jason Cawood wrote:
> I don't think responding to Cozzi is the right answer, if it were me in
> Scott's shoes I would rather the word got out for more useful HTTPAPI than
> getting into a muscle flexing argument that won't result in anything more
> than simply an argument. just my .02...
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