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RE: HTTPAPI vs ISockets

   @Scott - You beat Cozzi hands-down!  Even if your code wasn't better
   than his, (which it is), your sincerely helpful attitude towards the
   community makes you the better man.
   @David - What field do you work in?  I'm in manufacturing and I'm the
   only one here who even WANTS to try things with Scott's code.  The
   other day my boss referred to my HTTPAPI programs derogatorily as
   "shareware".  I think it's time to find a more forward thinking
   , (
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   Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 08:19:31 -0800
   From: "David Wright" <dwright@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
   Subject: RE: HTTPAPI vs ISockets
   To: "HTTPAPI and FTPAPI Projects" <ftpapi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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   Well stated Scott.  Just for the record, we all support and applaud
   efforts and your work.
   When bringing new developers onto our team we actually try to seek out
   people who are familiar with your tools.  Not that you need to be a
   rocket scientist to use them, but if you are willing and able to think
   outside the little green box, then you are ready to really do some
   amazing stuff on the i.
   Your HTTP and JDBC stuff in particular have allowed us to keep all of
   our focus on the i.  In the past we would have written PC apps to
   interfaces with other systems and databases, but now we can drive all
   these processes from a common system.  No one else has come close to
   this - not even The Cozzi - in my opinion.
   Anyhow - thanks again.
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